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One of the most important psychological problems beginner traders need to deal with is the fear of money loss. It is obviously natural to aim for keep and multiply your money. But in case of forex, you should understand, that the sinking of balance is a common part of many trading strategies.

If several lossmaking deals happen in a row, beginners often are scared, even if the strategy was profitable before. So they try to correct their actions, although the most optimal way of action is to follow the trading system strictly. To psychologically prepare for trading and not to give in to your emotions, you could use several patterns:
• Open a demo-account and work on them, intentionally doing something that you consider risky or lossmaking. This will teach you to follow predefined trading strategy. • Estimate your profit and losses not by one or two deals, but by financial reference period, like a week, month or quarter. • Keep your trading journal and analyse your deals.

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