How to protесt your Forex account

Every internet user should care about the safety of his or her accounts. But for Forex traders should pay additional attention to it, because when they are successful, big sums of money can accumulate on their deposit. To keep them it's important to know and practice simple safety rules.

First, you may lose an access to your accounts due to a malware that will steal your login and password. To avoid this, pay double attention to the safety of the PC that you use for trading. Scan it regularly with an antivirus software. To work with your finances, use a safe mode offered by many browsers and antivirus software.

Don't keep emails from your Forex broker at a common email service. Print them out or remember necessary information, but don't leave letters with your sensitive information in your mailbox. If you have got a letter about a special program for traders. winning something or getting another achievement, read it carefully. Often such letters are written to get a hand on your data.

Using software and tools for traders from, you can be always sure about their safety.